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Presentation to James Mott

December 11, 2019


Last Thursday also saw a surprise presentation at the end of the tennis awards ceremony to James Mott, to recognise the great contribution he has made to the club over the past few years.  Specifically, James has paid over £2,000 to the club in the past year alone for his use of the courts for coaching. Here you can see Chris presenting James with a gift from the club.

James Mott 2019

We can’t upload the full voiceover and music from the evening, so you’ll just have to imagine that. But here is what our anonymous voiceover compere had to say:

Earlier we said that Freddie’s was the last presentation of the evening.  Well, that was not quite true.  For those of you of a certain age, this is the bit where Eamonn  Andrews takes off his false beard and reveals himself to an unsuspecting celebrity before saying the immortal lines, “this is your life”.  Sadly, Eamonn cannot be with us this evening, partly because he died in 1987. But his spirit lives on, as we have a special surprise presentation for someone who has made a spectacular impact at the club since they joined us a few years ago.  No, Asha, it’s not you.  He thought he was here to see Freddie receive his well-deserved presentation as newcomer of the year, but in fact, we would also like to give a very special presentation to this man.  Can you please give a very raucous round of applause for Mr James Mott.

James became coach after some very famous names – Billy Dainty, Nick Frost.  Sadly, recruiting coaches named after comedians did not really work, so we decided to recruit someone with no known show business connections.  Since that day, the club has never looked back.  James has helped recruit many new members. He has arranged two fantastic tennis holidays to Majorca.  He has set up a coaching system that is the envy of the Lawn Tennis Association.  He has earned a medal from the Italian Wine Exports Board for boosting Friday evening prosecco sales in the bar.  And he has done all this without ever stopping talking.

On a serious note, besides all these positives for the club, James has contributed over £2,000 to the club this year alone as payment for his use of the courts for coaching.  Which is even more than he has spent at the bar.  As a mark of the club’s gratitude, we would like to present James with some airline flight vouchers – not because we want to get rid of him, but so that he can enjoy a very well earned break from his labours at the club.  Let’s show our appreciation in the usual way:  Mr James Mott.

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