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Keep fit at the club

February 24, 2022


Club member Marta Solova is running the following classes (held in the hall of the club): 

ZUMBA – Wed  7pm- 7:55pm

Stretch & Tone – Wed  8pm – 8:50pm

Legs, Bums and Tums – Sat 9:30- 10:20am

Pilates  – Sat 10:30- 11:25am

These classes cater for all abilities, genders and ages so beginners or ‘returners’ are always welcome! 

Cost: individual classes are £8 per session (drop in rate), but we also have subscriptions at £22 per month for a chosen type of class or £34 per month for unlimited access to all classes. 

Classes are bookable and payable through this website ( and more information is included there):

Covid note: the numbers are limited to 16 people and we keep the room ventilated, plus everyone brings their own mat (for the classes that need it). 

BG Roadmap to opening

March 8, 2021


Delighted to say the Club will start to open as of 29th March.

Please see below for more specific details re the timings of the opening – the Clubhouse, bar and various sections.

Please click here to download a pdf copy.

All change – lockdown refurb

February 25, 2021


It’s been a difficult time for the Club during lockdown. But we have tried to make a positive out of it and completed some refurbishment projects that are easier to complete when the building is empty!


Lockdown #1 allowed us to re-varnish the hall floor.

Bar & TV Lounge

Lockdown #3 allowed us to recarpet the bar & TV lounge



Staircase & Corridors

Snooker Room



We’ve also given the snooker room a lick of paint!

Upstairs windows

For many years the upstairs windows have been hidden behind black paint and wooden boards. Some windy weather & falling debris showed some serious defects in the window which have now been replaced.



Double glazed windows mirror the ground floor windows. The roller blinds were kindly donated by Roger Hill.

Looking forward to seeing everybody in the Club very soon!

Relaunched tennis ladder

July 12, 2020


Tennis ladder - initial listing

Tennis at Bounds Green continues, despite the virus and with social distancing.  We have just relaunched the tennis ladder, with a new format of a single ladder, rather than different groups.  We hope the new ladder will generate (even) more interest, competition and close matches. Contact Michael Dawson if you are interested in joining.

Floodlights work starts on Monday

January 17, 2020


Work to replace the tennis court floodlights starts on Monday and is scheduled to last the whole of next week, then from Monday to Friday the following week.  We expect the courts to be available on the weekend of 25-26 January, then permanently from Saturday 1 February.  But the courts won’t be available on days when work is taking place, so please bear this in mind.  If there are any changes in availability, either more days when courts won’t be accessible or if the works are completed faster than expected, we will let everyone know.


Bye-bye, old floodlights

Middlesex Tennis agree funding for new floodlights

December 12, 2019




This lunchtime we got an email from Middlesex Tennis confirming that we have got the funding package we asked for to help us pay for the new floodlights for the tennis courts – an interest-free loan for 70% of the cost of the works, repayable over 7 years.  This is great news and means we can definitely now go ahead with the project!

We have already contacted our chosen contractor to alert them and to ask them to let us know their thoughts on a start date and how they plan to schedule the works so as to minimise disruption without impeding the actual work.  Once we have a firm start date and an intended completion date, and we know what the impact will be on court availability, we will let everyone know.  Those most directly affected, especially James, will be involved before any final decisions are taken.

Presentation to James Mott

December 11, 2019


Last Thursday also saw a surprise presentation at the end of the tennis awards ceremony to James Mott, to recognise the great contribution he has made to the club over the past few years.  Specifically, James has paid over £2,000 to the club in the past year alone for his use of the courts for coaching. Here you can see Chris presenting James with a gift from the club.

James Mott 2019

We can’t upload the full voiceover and music from the evening, so you’ll just have to imagine that. But here is what our anonymous voiceover compere had to say:

Earlier we said that Freddie’s was the last presentation of the evening.  Well, that was not quite true.  For those of you of a certain age, this is the bit where Eamonn  Andrews takes off his false beard and reveals himself to an unsuspecting celebrity before saying the immortal lines, “this is your life”.  Sadly, Eamonn cannot be with us this evening, partly because he died in 1987. But his spirit lives on, as we have a special surprise presentation for someone who has made a spectacular impact at the club since they joined us a few years ago.  No, Asha, it’s not you.  He thought he was here to see Freddie receive his well-deserved presentation as newcomer of the year, but in fact, we would also like to give a very special presentation to this man.  Can you please give a very raucous round of applause for Mr James Mott.

James became coach after some very famous names – Billy Dainty, Nick Frost.  Sadly, recruiting coaches named after comedians did not really work, so we decided to recruit someone with no known show business connections.  Since that day, the club has never looked back.  James has helped recruit many new members. He has arranged two fantastic tennis holidays to Majorca.  He has set up a coaching system that is the envy of the Lawn Tennis Association.  He has earned a medal from the Italian Wine Exports Board for boosting Friday evening prosecco sales in the bar.  And he has done all this without ever stopping talking.

On a serious note, besides all these positives for the club, James has contributed over £2,000 to the club this year alone as payment for his use of the courts for coaching.  Which is even more than he has spent at the bar.  As a mark of the club’s gratitude, we would like to present James with some airline flight vouchers – not because we want to get rid of him, but so that he can enjoy a very well earned break from his labours at the club.  Let’s show our appreciation in the usual way:  Mr James Mott.

Tennis presentations evening

December 11, 2019


The tennis presentations evening took place last Thursday. Here are pictures of some of the winners. We had an automated voiceover to compere the evening, as John McEnroe was apparently too expensive. Our guy was much cheaper, but he did suffer from mild dyslexia, which added to the enjoyment. The script for the presentations is below and is well worth a listen.  It’s been variously described as “brilliant” (Ilgun Yusuf), “very funny” (Suzanne Basson) and and “offensively ageist towards young people like me” (Asha Reynolds).  Sadly, the voiceover and Danny and Asha’s fantastic arrangement of the accompanying music has had to be left out to avoid a copyright suit and the cost of upgrading the website.


Presentations text FINAL

Planning permission given for floodlights

November 19, 2019



We have now got planning permission for the replacement of the tennis court floodlights!  The project will involve the removal of the existing lights and columns, with eight new columns being positioned in the corners of the courts, four lights per court.  The new lights should be considerably brighter than the existing ones, a lot more reliable and also cheaper to run.

We have just submitted our application for funding to Middlesex Tennis.  We hope that we will get an interest free loan for most of the cost, which would allow us to spread the payment for the lights over several years.  If/when we get funding from Middlesex Tennis, we can finalise arrangements with the chosen contractor, including sorting out when the works will take place and how they will be scheduled so that there is minimum disruption.

Players return from Majorca tennis holiday

October 19, 2019


Coach James Mott and the team in Majorca for our tennis holiday.  Everyone returned having had a great time and – we hope – having a learned a lot to improve our games.

hol - team