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2014 Outdoor Bowls Finals.

August 31, 2014


Winners in bold:

Men’s Championship: G. Lawrence  v  N. Edwards.

Ladies Championship: R. Rolfe  v  P. Harber.

2 Wood Singles: L. Foreman  v  M. Ridler.

2 Wood Pairs: C. Mason & K. Malcolm  v  A. Milligan & R. Anderson.

Vets Championship: E. Carnihan  v  S. Griffiths.

Junior Championship: S. Griffiths  v  R. Hill.

Mixed Pairs: J. White & G. Lawrence  v  J. Nunn & M. Ridler.

Handicap Singles: M. Ridler  v  C. Chrysostomou.

Handicap Pairs: R. Hill & R. Anderson  v  A. Bannister & S. Griffiths. 



Bowls Finals are this Saturday.

August 27, 2014


The Outdoor Bowls Finals take place on Saturday 30th August at 10.00 am.