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Indoor Bowls Finals results.

March 25, 2014


The finals took place on March 22nd. Thanks to Dave Woodhouse for organising the competition, and Steve Martin and helpers for organising the food. Also the markers, Steve Martin, Chris Van der Waals and Colin Harris.

Men’s Singles – Winner: L. Barber / Runner Up: A. Law

Ladies Singles – Winner: Rh. Young

Two Wood Pairs – Winners: A. Law & L. Massey / Runners Up: Rh. Young & R. Young

Handicap Singles – Winner: E. Carnihan / Runner Up: G. Salter

Club Pairs – Winners: C. Van der Waals & C. Mason / Runners Up: J. Stone & B. Anderson

Australian Pairs – Winners: P. Harber & L. Massey / Runners Up: P. Chapman & G. Lawrence

Veterans – Winner: B. Anderson / Runner Up: Rh. Young

Bowlers in Middlesex clean sweep.

March 18, 2014




Bounds Green pulled of an historic clean sweep at the 2013/14 Middlesex Indoor Finals which were held at Herga IBC on March 8th.

Singles: Bruce Jones.

Pairs: Lee Barber & Nick Edwards.

Triples: Steve Griffiths, Geoff Lawrence & Bob Anderson.

Fours: Eddie Carnihan, Geoff Salter, Nick Edwards & Lee Barber.