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Tennis Tournament Finals Day Report

September 17, 2014


The Finals Day was a great success this year, fantastic weather, great matches to watch and a big crowd to watch them, not to mention nice food and good company.

The Ladies Final was incredibly close, but Jane Lees won out over Suzanne Twomey in a final set tie break, The Men’s Singles final between brothers Jack and David Twomey featured some fantastic and beautiful-to-watch tennis, Jack won out in the end, The Men’s Doubles was more an exhibition match as finalist Chris had to pull out with a twisted ankle, but Perri and his new partner for the day Wieslaw gave winners Jack and David an excellent match. Jane Lees won again with Sue Jelley against Jane O’Neill and Maria Born who put up a great fight in the Ladies Doubles, and then we were treated to a thriller of a Mixed Doubles which went to three sets, Jane Lees and Ian Herriot winning against Chan Vithani and Sue Jelley. Our Juniors did us proud as well, Charlie, Jonathan and Roberto all playing well, with Roberto coming out on top.

Thanks to Chan and Amelia and everyone who helped for organising such a successful event – here’s some photos from the day:

TTFinalDay2014MDandLD TTFinalsDayCrowd TT2014FinalistsMS_JackandDavidTwomey TT2014LFinalJaneLees and SuzanneTwomey TTWinRoberto2014

Tennis Finals Day Fun and Games

September 13, 2014


Tennis Finals day – Sunday 14th September
The weather forecast seems to fine (dry) for Sunday – so we should have some cracking matches for the finals. The schedule of play has already been sent to all tennis members. The matches start at 11:30am and the trophies will be presented at 5pm.
Calling our junior tennis players! We will include a Junior (16 years or under) Tennis Tournament starting at 1pm. Please alert Chan*, the man with a plan,  by 11:30 am on Sunday morning if you are interested, so that he can organise a draw. Apologies for the short notice for this event.
Non-tennis fun events/competitions.
This will include table football, boules and possibly darts.
Please come along with friends and family and have a great day out.
*Chan’s Contacts:
email: Tel Nos: 020 8888 1252 or 07877078936
(Image: Boule by Anders Adermark on flickr)

Board Games Update

September 12, 2014


*Gold Star* for Mr Dave Woodhouse please.

Dave’s brought in Backgammon, Scrabble, Bananagrams (brilliant fast word constructing game, like quick scrabble without the board – comes in a banana – yes really), Rummikub classic and Rummikub letters.

To save arguments and, y’know, fisticuffs, police and ambulance visits and so on…, the BGBTC club rule is – whatever is written on the rules of the game are the rules of the game. Some of the games are a bit vintage and rules may have changed in later editions, but for us, whatever’s written is the rule.

There’s still room in the Lost Property Cupboard behind the bar for a few more, and if we can collect backgammon sets we may be able to hold a tournament at some point to while away a long winter evening…

Cheers Dave!


(Image: Rummikub Tiles by bclinesmith from Flickr)

More Silverware for the Bowlers at The NLTBA Finals.

September 9, 2014


Mixed Pairs Winners: V. Bartrop & M. Ridler.

Open Fours Winners: E. Carnihan, M. Ridler, S. Griffiths & G. Lawrence.

Open Triples Winners: E. Carnihan, S. Griffiths & M. Ridler.

Secretary’s Cup Winner: S. Griffiths.

Men’s Singles R/U: M. Ridler.

WP_20140907_001 - CopyWP_20140907_005 - CopyWP_20140907_002 - CopyWP_20140907_004 - Copy


Board Games Anyone?

September 9, 2014


The Tennis Committee yesterday was thinking about getting some board games for the bar, as there’s a bit of a backgammon rivalry in our ranks at the moment.

Before we spend our hard earned club spondoolics on anything it was suggested we ask members if they have any classic board games lurking unused on a shelf that they might like to re-home here?

Perhaps not noisy annoying games like Monopoly, or Operation, (BZZZZ!) but the more thinky games like Chess/Draughts, Backgammon, Scrabble, Rummikub, Othello…that sort of thing? Cards too?

What? You’ve never played Rummikub? Ask Jane O’Neill for a game! She will beat you, but it’s a great game.

229158080_6af6736910_z(Image: Board(ing) Games by Chris Blakeley, from Flickr)

Tennis Finals Sunday 14th September

September 9, 2014


The tournament has been playing out all summer, and in the nick of time this week too, with some fiercely fought battles between our tennis members.

Now The Finals are upon us.

Please come and support our finalists by enjoying some top tennis and the  sandwiches, tea and nibbles etc. provided to keep you going during the day.

Sunday the 14th from 11.30am.

Order of Play:

11:30 Hrs Court 3 – Men’s singles       Court 2 – Ladies Singles
13:15 Hrs Court 3 – Ladies’s doubles   Court 2 – Men’s doubles
15:00 Hrs Court 2 – Mixed doubles
17:00 Hrs Presentation of trophies by Ray Young.


Trophy by Sarah on Flickr

Good luck to all!

US Open Round Robin Sunday 7th Sept, 11.30am

September 3, 2014


Yeeeha! The ‘American Open’ tennis round robin is this Sunday.

Round robin Starts at 11.30am, be there a bit earlier please so we can sort who plays who and all that. There will be a small entry fee of £3.

Sandwiches at 2pm for participants, or just come for sandwiches if you like (small fee also applies).

Dress Code: Red, White and Blue

Yeeehaaaa! (you can’t have too many Yeehas) See you there! Have a nice day now!

MikeMozartUSFlagFlag Pic by Mike Mozart.