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Eurovision on the Big Screen, Saturday Evening, April 10th

May 5, 2014


Yes, It’s The Eurovision Song Contest again! Cue Ode To Joy!

Hurrah! You may possibly feel a little jaded about the ESC, but, come on, Graham Norton will be there in Copenhagen, and you have to admit it’s a great excuse to drink and fully appreciate the music, costumes, dancing styles, completely over the top stagings and political allegiances of our fellow Europeans. Poor old whatzername who’s singing our entry ‘Children of the Universe’! She deserves our support! She’s up against a bearded drag queen from Austria apparently, (unless I dreamed that).

We had an absolute blast watching it together in 2012, so drink and be merry at Eurovision Song Contest time, at the club on Saturday the 10th May. The big screen, your friends, the bar, it all really does help.


pic from David Jones on Flickr

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