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Tennis Teams and Tournaments

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Teams entered in the leagues

We have three men’s teams entered in the winter competitions of the Middlesex East League, along with two ladies’ teams, a mixed doubles team and mixed veterans team. We have also entered junior teams in the Aegon League, although this competition was suspended in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Club tennis ladder

We have an active tennis ladder for both men and women, with nearly forty members.  A player can challenge any other player up to four places higher in the ladder.  If the challenger wins, he or she moves up to their opponent’s old position, the opponent drops one place and so does any player who was originally between them in the ladder.  We also have a ladies’ ladder, with the same format.

Club tennis tournament

We run an annual tournament open to all members, with the usual competitions – men’s and ladies’ singles and doubles, plus mixed doubles.  This year we were only able to run a mixed doubles competition, as virus-related restrictions limited the time available.  There were 16 pairs entered, playing in four groups of four.  The eventual winners, following a roller-coaster three set final, were Barbara and Ian Herriott.

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