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Tennis Teams and Tournaments


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Teams entered in the leagues

Summer 2020 – Teams in Middlesex East League

Three men’s teams, 1st team in Division 4, 2nd team in Division 5 (promoted last season) and 3rd team in Division 7.

Two ladies’ teams, 1st team in Division 4 (promoted last season) and 2nd team in Division 8.  Last season was the first for over a decade that the club fielded two ladies’ teams in the Middlesex League.

One mixed vets team in Division 2.

Winter 2019-20 – Teams in Middlesex East League

We have gone from one men’s team in 2016-17 to two teams in 2017-18 and three teams from 2018-19.  All three teams (one ladies’ and two men’s) gained promotion in the 2017-18 season.

In the current 2019-20 season, we have three men’s teams in the Middlesex East League, the 1st team in Division 3, 2nd team in Division 5 (promoted last season) and 3rd team in Division 7.  Our ladies’ team is in Division 6, having gained promotion in each of the past two seasons.  There is also a mixed vets team in Division 7B.

Men’s team practice is currently on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Women’s practice is on Saturday afternoons.

We have also entered junior teams in the Aegon League, thanks to our super coach James Mott.

Club Tennis Ladder

We have an active tennis ladder for both men and women.  Players who are around the same standard are put into groups of four to six  and they have two months to complete their matches against the other players in the group.  Each match is the first player to nine games.  Players will stay in the same group, go up or go down depending on their results.  It’s a great way to meet other members and get to know them better – if the bar’s open, buy your opponent a drink afterwards if you win!  Please add your name and contact details to the tennis ladder sheets on the conservatory noticeboard if you’d like to be included in the next ladder.

We’ve also recently introduced a ladies’ ladder, with the same format.

Ladder Rules: BGBTC-T Ladder rules_R040812

Club Tennis Tournament

We run an annual tournament open to all members, with the usual competitions – men’s and ladies’ singles and doubles, plus mixed doubles.  The first four competitions started in April 2019, culminating in finals’ day in late June.  The mixed doubles took place later in the summer, attracting a record entry and ending in a final in early September.

The winners and runners up in 2019 were:

Men’s Singles

Winner – B. Okonek;   Runner up – M. Grant

Ladies’ Singles

Winner – A. Reynolds;  Runner up – A. Macaskill

Men’s Doubles 

Winners – I. Herriott & M. Deconti; Runners up – C. Twomey & W. Okonek

Ladies’ Doubles

Winners – A. Mosci & A. Reynolds; Runners up – B. Herriott & A. Macaskill

Mixed Doubles

Winners – A. Mosci & C. Twomey;  Runners up – J. Lees & M. Dawson

Men’s Plate

Winner – S. Awan: Runner up – I. Yusuf




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