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Info For Potential and New Members

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We always welcome new members and want to make the process as simple and transparent as possible.

Our membership secretaries (Michael Dawson and Katie Walsh) are happy to have a chat with any potential new members before they apply.

If you are already a competent player, you can join straightaway or are welcome to come along to one or two club social sessions first to see if you like the club. Or perhaps you only want to play with your children or with friends who are already members? That’s fine too.

Of course, a certain level of ability is needed if you want to join in with club sessions. So:
• If in doubt, we’ll ask you to have a quick hit with Michael or Katie. We may then ask you to take part in our beginners’ sessions with our coach, James Mott, before joining the club.
• If there’s more than one person involved in the beginners’ sessions you can play together outside the coaching sessions for the first four weeks.
• When James decides you are ready to join, we will deduct some of the cost from your first year membership subscription – either half the cost of the coaching sessions or £50, whichever is the lower amount.


Don’t worry about having all the gear,  wear something comfortable that you can run around in, and it’s very handy to have pockets that you can fit a tennis ball or two into. Please don’t wear shoes with studs or anything that would damage our all weather courts. Trainers or sports shoes are fine.

Court Booking:

We use the LTA’s Clubspark’s online booking system. Once you are a member and invited to use Bounds Green’s Clubspark, you can book courts remotely by the internet on your phone or PC.  Booking is free.  Regular times when all three courts are in use are Sunday 11am to 1.30pm and Thursday from 7.00pm, when we have social tennis sessions. Saturdays are pretty busy with coaching until 2pm followed by men’s and ladies’ team practice until 4:30pm, although there is generally one court available to book even at these times – it’s best to check using the booking system. Courts are also booked in advance for home league matches and other coaching sessions, including kids’ camps during the school holidays.

Membership Fees:

The current annual fee for one adult is £222, plus a one off joining fee of £25. There are pro rata levels of fee if you do not join in the spring when membership is renewable, and there are discounts discounts for people under 30 or over 60, unemployed people and students. There is no membership fee for children under 9 and very low rates and no joining fee for older children.    See the Membership Fees page for full information.


The floodlights cost £1 for 15 minutes.  The meters for the lights can be found on your left just inside the clubhouse door. Labels on the coin box indicate which court is which.


If you wish to play with an adult who is not a member of the club you are required to pay a guest fee of £7.  This should be paid by bank transfer, at the bar, or by giving the money to Les Massey, the building manager.  A guest can play up to three times before they need to decide if they are going to join the club or play elsewhere – we hope they’ll join!

WhatsApp groups:

There are various WhatsApp groups to help new members integrate and get the most from the club, including one for lady members.  Please speak to existing members about this, or ask Michael Dawson (07982 432147) or Katie Walsh (07958 951265).


Please see our coaching page.

Tennis Member Profiles.

Meet some of our tennis members and find out what they like about the club.

Tennis calendar 2021:

There are plenty of events coming up over the summer for new members to take part in:

Sun 30 May  – Vic Lincoln memorial round-robin (11-1) 

Thurs 24 June – wine & nibbles after club session

Sun 4 July – club finals day

Sun 11 July – Wimbledon finals roundrobin (11-1), followed by cream tea & watching Wimbledon final on big screen

Sat 17 July – party

Sun 12 Sept – round-robin followed by cream tea and then the mixed doubles final

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