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Bowlers reach Middlesex Finals.

February 25, 2014


Congratulations to:

Lee Barber & Nick Edwards on reaching the Middlesex Pairs final.

Eddie Carnihan, Geoff Salter, Nick Edwards & Lee Barber on reaching the Middlesex Fours final.

Bruce Jones on reaching the Middlesex Singles final.

Steve Griffiths, Geoff Lawrence & Bob Anderson on reaching the Middlesex Triples final.

Bowlers doing well in National Indoor Championships.

February 13, 2014


Congratulations to these bowlers for winning their Area Final of the National Indoor Championships.

Lee Barber – Men’s Singles.  *(Through to National Finals)

Rhoda Young – Ladies Singles.  *(Through to National Finals)

Andy Law – Champion of Champions.

Colin Mason & Bruce Jones – Men’s Pairs.  *(Through to National Finals)

Nick Edwards, Andy Law & Lee Barber – Men’s Triples.   *(Through to National Finals)

Nick Edwards, Les Massey, Andy Law & Lee Barber – Men’s Fours.

Colin Mason, Ken Malcolm & Alan Harman – Men’s Over 50 Triples.

Nick Edwards wins the 2013 Home Counties Indoor Singles.

November 4, 2013


Nick Edwards wins the 2013 Home Counties Indoor Singles.

2013 Outdoor Bowls Finals – Results.

August 16, 2013


Handicap Drawn Pairs:  S. Martin & A. Bannister  v   G. Lawrence & J. Miller

Winners: S. Martin & A. Bannister

Handicap Singles:  E. Carnihan  v  S. Vasner

Winner: E. Carnihan

2 Wood Singles:  B. Anderson  v  M. Ridler

Winner: B. Anderson

Men’s Championship:  N. Edwards  v  B. Anderson

Winner: N. Edwards

Ladies Championship:  R. Young  v  P. Harber

Winner: R. Young

Junior Championship:  E. Carnihan  v  J. Miller

Winner: E. Carnihan

2 Wood Pairs: M. Ridler & E. Carnihan  v  B. Anderson & J. Miller

Winners: M. Ridler & E. Carnihan

Veterans:  L. Foreman  v  E. Carnihan

Winner: E. Carnihan

Fixed Jack:  J. Miller  v  B. Anderson

Winner: B. Anderson