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BGBTC Member Profiles

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Meet some BGBTC Members


Amelia and Geoff: My husband and I joined the club to get to know people in the area and now feel part of the community. Over the years he has moved to bowls and I have remained an active tennis member as well as the club’s Social Secretary.
Our courts are in good shape, our clubhouse is great for a drink and our fellow members are friendly and welcoming. Surely there can be nothing nicer on a warm summer’s evening than to play tennis and then have a cold drink sitting on the terrace watching the bowlers on the green …perfect!

Sue JelleySue Jelley (Tennis Secretary) I’ve been playing tennis at Bounds Green for about 22 years. I joined because it was local and the people were friendly. Since then I’ve gained a whole new social life based on the many friends I’ve made. So apart from the tennis – playing in matches and club sessions and getting tickets for Wimbledon, I’ve also enjoyed many hours of chatting, drinking, dancing, partying – and a few trips away!


Chan: 10+ lost years. Although I moved in 1998, I joined BGBTC 8 years ago. I live about 35 yards from the entrance! I was a member at a much bigger club 3 to 4 miles away and thought it would be difficult to make the break because I had a lot of friends/playing partners. BGBTC is a great club. Excellent facilities, friendly and very good value. Besides the tennis, I am now in my 9th season of competitive table tennis for the club (after a break of 30+ years). I use the snooker room (2 tables) quite frequently and enjoy many social events (quiz/barn dance/rock & roll/gourmet meal/parties etc. etc.) I often ask myself – why did I not join the day I moved into my current house?


Jane: I first discovered BGTC when I was eight months pregnant – almost twenty-five years ago ! I returned two years later – first having lessons, then playing socially and competitively. I’ve had my ups and downs with the game but it has remained one of my passions. I have found the club welcoming and it has provided me with a sense of community in the local area. Apart from tennis I have enjoyed many social functions there. PS The ‘ bump’ still plays here too!


Katie: I joined BGBTC about 13 years ago now, I don’t know what took me so long as, like Chan, I’d lived in the area for 5 years previously. I play regularly and have improved my game a lot since I first joined. The club is very friendly and incredible value too, I use it as my way to keep fit, as an enjoyable hobby and a way of making friends in the area. I’m fitter now in my 50s than I was before I joined and it’s good for my mental health too. The more recent addition of our coach James has meant a great input of technique and strategy to my old game. Try the coaching session on Saturday morning for adults before you join.

SteveSteve: I’ve been a member for many years (15+) but it took me sometime after moving to Bounds Green to try it out. I’m now a regular player in the men’s and mixed veterans’ teams, all of whom get on really well and are great friends. I really enjoy the matches and we have a regular men’s team practice on Tuesdays as well. This is very well attended and several new members have joined in this year. I love the informality of the club, that it is easy to get a game and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the members.


Lukas:  I’m nearly 12 years old.  I have been training with James Mott at Bounds Green Bowls and Tennis Club for about two years now, but I only became a member earlier in 2019. I recommend this tennis club and James’s lessons hugely to any young tennis fan. I feel the club has a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. This photo is of me eating strawberries and cream at Wimbledon this summer!

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Juan Pablo: I joined the club in April 2017. I had been living in the area for more than four years but only then I decided to walk in and see the club. On that day, I met a couple of members who invited me to have a hit and, within one week, I joined the club and started to play every week. The club offers plenty of opportunities to meet other players and engage in social and competitive tennis. The best thing of the club is probably its good-natured members and their sense of community. It’s always fun and friendly and the calendar is full of social events. If you play tennis, or would like to start, don’t wait for as long as I did and drop by!

Alessia: I discovered the little gem that is Bounds Green Tennis Club in Spring 2018 and it made me want to get back into the tennis groove. I grew up playing the sport in Italy but life got in the way and I stopped for many years. Since joining I have enjoyed being welcomed into the tennis teams and into the wider social events the club offers… [and there are many!]. Lovely members, easily accessible facilities, the courts are available and you can always find someone to play with! Totally worth it!

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