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2014/15 Indoor Bowls Stats.

April 24, 2015


Club 2014/15 Indoor Record.

Middlesex League: Winners.

London & Southern Counties Shield: Finalists.

Denny Memorial: 1/4 Final.

Denny Cup: 3rd Round.

Egham Trophy: 2nd Round.

National Under 25 Singles: L. Barber (Last 16)

National Pairs: A. Law, L. Barber (Last 16)

National Singles: C. Mason (Last 32)

National Triples: N. Edwards, A. Law, L. Barber. (Last 32)

National Fours: C. Mason, A. Frankland, A. Harman, B. Jones. (Last 32)

National Ladies Over 60 Singles: R. Young (Last 16)

Ladies Champion of Champions: R. Young (Area Final)

National Ladies Singles: R. Young (Area Final)

National Mixed Pairs: U. Harman, A. Harman (Area Final)

National Mixed Fours: Rh. Young, U. Harman, R. Young, A. Harman. (Area Final)

National Over 50 Triples: G. Lawrence, L. Massey, A. Law (Last 32)

National Over 60 Singles: C. Mason (Area Final)

National Over 60 Fours: E. Carnihan, R. Young, R. Anderson, A. Harman (Area Final)

Middlesex Singles: N. Edwards (Winner)

Middlesex Pairs: R. Young, A. Harman (Finalists)

Middlesex Fours: R. Young, B. Atherton, G. Lawrence, R. Anderson (Finalists)

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