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February 28, 2014


Men’s 1st Team                  East Div 2

Fri  9 May           Away         Conway I

Thu 29 May       Away         Mayfield II

Wed 4 June        Home         Bush Hill Park II

Fri 27 Jun          Away         Highgate II

Tue 1 Jul             Home         Mayfield I

Tue 15 Jul          Home         Stormont I

Tue 22 Jul          Away         Muswell Hill Meth I

Men’s 2nd Team                East Div 6

Wed 14 May      Home         Enfield Chase III

Mon  2 June       Away         Highgate Cricket V

Mon 9 June        Away         Conway III

Tue  17 June      Home         Georgians I

Wed  2 July        Away         Holtwhites I

Thur 17  July     Away         Enfield LTC II

Wed 23 July       Home         Mayfield III

Ladies                                   East Div 5

Wed 7 May         Home         Mayfield III

Wed 21 May      Home         Vicars Moor III

Thu 12 Jun         Away         BHP III

Mon 23 Jun        Away         Enfield LTC I

Wed 9 Jul           Home         Stormont III

Fri 25 Jul            Home         David Lloyd Enfield III

Thu 31 Jul          Away         Potters Bar III

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